Dramatic Play

Christmas Cookie Dramatic Play

‘Tis the season to bake cookies! We opened up a cookie shop in our dramatic play area couple of weeks before christmas and it has been so fun to whip up batches of our very own pretend cookies!


Here are a couple of pictures of our center set up:

The center included 6 different roles: Cashier, Manager, Baker, Server, Decorator, and Customer.

Here’s what I put into the center:

(1) I put out the mixer, some play dough rolling pins, and some utensils we already had in our kitchen set up.

(2) I cut out tan felt circles for our cookie dough. We had fun putting them in the mixer along with other ingredients from our kitchen and then rolling them out to make cookies.

(3) I dug through our stash of cookie cutters and picked out all of our holiday ones to put in the center.

(4) I cut out some white circles to make icing and filled an old icing bag with cotton to pretend to spread the icing on the cookies.

(5) I traced some of the cookie cutters onto pieces of felt and cut out different shapes (stockings, gingerbread men, christmas trees, stars, etc.) to add as “frosting”. We put these on top of the white icing.

(6) I cut little squares of brown felt to make chocolate chips

(7) I went through our art supplies and found some eyes. We had fun counting the eyes we put on our cookies.

(8) A cookie magazine I found at the grocery store. You can order books or magazines from your library!

(9) A small cookie tray

Here is a quick look at our prop labels:

We displayed the prices for cookies but your students might have more fun setting up the center with their own price tags!


I made some order forms that we could practice writing numbers in. We didn’t worry about the total cost but what a great way to practice addition later on!


This was such a fun dramatic play center! Next year, I want to try using play dough for the cookies! I think making “gingerbread” and “sugar cookie” play dough would be so fun and would really add in some extra fine motor!

If you are interested in purchasing these printables you can click here.



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