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Honey Bee Market Dramatic Play

I’ve seen tons of super cute harvest themed dramatic play centers but virtually nothing on honey harvesting and I knew I had to do a beekeeping themed fall dramatic play center! Bees are so important to our harvest season and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help my little on learn more about them!


I set up our table with a yellow table cloth and some flowers so we could enjoy our honey harvest on various food items from the kitchen.


Here was our main dramatic play area set up:


You can see the cute open/closed sign. I left the cash register out so we could purchase honey and honey comb candles. I checked out some books on bees, beekeeping, and beeswax products from the library. Not all of the library books I checked out are age appropriate but we still enjoyed looking at the pictures! The rest of the center included beekeeping objects. There is a pale for collecting honey, a scraper for “scraping” off beeswax, our beekeeping outfit, and a “smoker”. As you can see, I just hot glued some netting I got from Walmart onto a sun hat for our beekeeper hat and grabbed some gloves from the garage for our beekeeping outfit. Turn your doctor coat inside out and the outfit is complete! I just used a watering pale as a smoker. Nothing fancy, but so fun!

Here are a couple of close up pictures of our beehive box:

I found the box at Hobby Lobby but you could use a filing cabinet, a file box, or anything else that has a lid or is closable! We had a bunch of egg cartons laying around so I cut them in half and spray painted them gold (I wish I had yellow on hand but gold was all I had laying around the house). I added some yellow poms to represent honey and called it good! The egg cartons fit perfectly inside the box and even had a little handle part to lift them up!

We pretended to smoke the bees and harvest the honey by putting it into a pale. When we were done, we closed the hive, took off our suit and packaged the honey into honey jars for sale. Of course, we couldn’t resist pretending to eat some!


Our favorite part was pretending the bees stung us and going to the doctor. I had not foreseen this so I ended up adding a medical kit to our center so we could run over and seek immediate medical attention! There were lots of shots involved!


We aren’t quite at the point where we are choosing specific roles yet, but in my dramatic play package I have included 8 different roles students can choose from! Name tags include: Cashier, Manager, Beekeeper, Honey Collector, Honey Bottler, Worker Bee, Bee Feeder, and Customer.


If you are interested interested in setting up your dramatic play center with these signs, labels, role necklaces, etc. you can find it HERE.



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