Dramatic Play

Olaf’s Frozen Parlor: An Ice-cream Parlor Dramatic Play


What preschooler doesn’t love dramatic play? Who doesn’t love ice cream? There is nothing better than combining two well loved items together. The Herrmann house hold has had a blast creating their very own scrumptious ice cream creations in our first ever dramatic play center theme! We made chocolate, mint, orange, vanilla, and grape scented play dough ice cream to scoop and serve at this dramatic play center. Yum! We used cocoa powder in the chocolate “ice cream” and the smell is heavenly (even I wanted to eat it!). I love the texture of play dough and how it really gives little ones a little muscle work out to scoop the dough (great for pre-writing skills).


Here is our “Frozen Parlor” set up. I have the table ready to host customers and the dramatic play center has been transformed into an ice cream parlor set with popsicle moulds, cones, bowls, ice cream scoops, smoothie cups, straws, fruit, “cherries” (red poms), “sprinkles”(multi-color poms), an empty chocolate syrup bottle, and several play dough ice cream containers. I have laminated the menus and receipts and have dry erase markers out to use on both. I like having the tray under the order forms to catch any stray marker marks.


Here are some more close up pictures of the set up. Of course, there are tons of labels to help little ones learn words but to also help them clean up later!


I laminated the menus and placed them on a tray so Robbie could pick up a dry erase marker and circle the items he wanted. We worked on identifying the items and saying them out loud and also deciding how many scoops he wanted and how much ice cream that really gave him. I loved having the Menus on the tray because the trays are super easy to wipe clean of stray marker lines!


Stuffed animals were by far our most frequent customers!

We had fun driving around and “delivering” ice cream to our animal friends in our Ice Cream Truck!


It is so fun teaching little ones to serve others and think of their needs/wants in a fun way!

slide1What kind of ice cream would you like to serve up today? Make learning fun (and relevant) with your littles today!

If you are interested in recreating this dramatic play center, you can find all the printable signs, labels, banner, menus, receipts, job lanyards, etc. HERE.



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