Dramatic Play

“Starbucks” Coffee Dramatic Play

I swear I am not a coffee addict. I don’t even drink it every day, but my kiddo sure does LOVE to help me make coffee. So I thought there was a better way to let him play than to make a million cups of coffee a day. Welcome to “Scarbucks” Coffee.


Here is our table set up. I had a little bit extra of a plastic table cloth I used to cover the little table and some dollar store green and white flowers.


Here is the play center set up!


Complete with welcome sign, coffee machine coffee cups, coffee filters, coffee sleeves, coffee lids, chocolate syrup, creamer, “sugar” cappuccino mix, cupcakes, printable cookies, cinnamon rolls, order forms, dry erase markers, and cash register. I purchased a coffee machine with a stainless steal carafe (didn’t want any glass accidents) from goodwill for a whopping $1.88! I cut off the electrical cord and we were in business!

We added on a “coffee bean farm” to this center, so we could learn that coffee beans grow on trees and are picked to help us make our coffee. I had been thinking about how exactly we would pick beans off a tree and when I thought of contact paper, I honestly didn’t think the beans would stay up for any long period of time. I was shocked when they stayed up all night and all the next day! So fun! We picked the beans, put them in the basket, and put them in our coffee machine to make coffee!



Making coffee like a pro!

Time to order a coffee!


Can I take your order?


The printable cookies withe velcro on the back were a huge hit. We served cookies to lots of our animals and even made pretend smoothies out of them.

We have had a blast playing coffee shop! If you are interested in setting up your dramatic play center with these signs, labels, role necklaces, menus, and order forms, etc. you can find it HERE.

Cover 1.png


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