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Tree Farm Dramatic Play

We have always gotten our trees from tree lots in the past but this year we had the fun experience of going to a tree farm, picking out our own tree, and cutting it down! It was a blast and something that we talked and dramatized over and over again so I thought I would make our very own tree farm for our dramatic play center.


Let’s start with our role play name tags! I made 8 role play name tags: Tree Sales, Dad, Mom, Sister/Brother, Santa, Elf, Sleigh, and Reindeer. I wanted to make a little cardboard sleigh and buy little elf hats and reindeer headbands for us to pretend to drive the sleigh but I didn’t get around to it this year. If you happen to do this, please share a picture with me!!

I covered up our usual cubbies with some fake snow blanket stuff I found at the dollar tree, printed out a price sign, and put out a couple of fake mugs of hot chocolate that I found in the ornament isle at Target to create our tree sales counter. I’m sure you could come up with something much cuter, but it worked for us!

I also made some printable receipts for us to practice checking off what we ordered. You can also use them to write in numbers or prices and work on adding!


To set up the actual tree farm, I found some trees in the dollar section at target, took out our little rocking chair for our santa stop, found all the saws we own, and made a little parking lot out of tape. Here’s how it turned out:


Last, but not least, I set up a tree decorating station (because what else do you do with a tree after you cut it down?!). There are a lot of things you could put in this station like tinsel, little tree skirts, bows, ornaments, ribbon, beads, string, little candy canes, etc.You could even put string and beads out to practice lacing! I just put out some ribbon, ornaments, beads, and of course a star topper.


We really enjoyed this dramatic play center and I hope you feel inspired to play with your kiddos this holiday season! If you are interested in purchasing any of the printable signs, labels, banners, etc. from this dramatic play center CLICK HERE.



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