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We Love Learning On Our New Light Table!

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We are the proud new owners of an AWESOME light table! Since it arrived, we have been busy testing out all sorts of materials on it to find out how different objects look when the light is shone on them. Let me show you some fun things we have been up to! (P.s. I am sorry in advance, it looks like we are playing in the dark, but the light from the light table makes my camera do funny things!)

The first thing we tried out was our Magna-Tiles! At first we just had fun building things on it and then we took out these handy Magna Tile Alphabet cards I printed and laminated last year from “Adventures in A Box” (you can find them here) and we practiced copying the letter patterns. (The instructions didn’t say to fill in the “o”, but Robbie insisted there be no empty squares there.)

Today, I took out some parchment paper, traced some shapes and we practiced building shapes with our Magna Tiles (those things are SOO fun).

Then we took out our letter construction kit and practiced writing and identifying the letters in his name.

Light table - 4.png

We also discovered our “gems” look pretty cool on the light table too! We made patterns and he traced his name with them using a dry erase marker.

Light table - 6.png

We can’t wait to find new ways to learn on our light table! What a cool way to get kids engaged in learning!


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