Our Cozy Reading Corner


Reading Corner

Welcome to our cozy reading corner where little ones can pick out a book to read by themselves or with their friends, follow along as a book is read to them, retell a story with flannel board props, or act out a story in our puppet theater.

When thinking about how to set up our reading corner, I really wanted my kiddos to not only be able to sit and read a book with a friend, but I also wanted them to be able to practice re-telling stories and have the opportunities to make up their own stories! The puppet theater is an awesome tool to engage students in these important skills.

Why is story re-telling so important? Teachers and parents alike often engage children in retelling stories read to them as a way to promote story-related comprehension and vocabulary. The ability to retell the main events in a story in chronological order is a skill revisited throughout elementary and middle school.  According to Isbell (2002), “Retelling stories encourages children to use their imagination, expand their ideas, and create visual images as they transfer the plot [of the story] to new settings, including di erent characters or new voices” (p. 28).

There have been 11 studies including 687 toddlers and preschoolers that have examined the effects of children’s story retelling on early literacy and language development. Results have indicated that engaging children in story retelling positively influence both comprehension, expressive vocabulary (words a child can speak or write), receptive language (words a child understands), and early literacy skills.



Isbell, R. T. (2002). Telling and retelling stories: Learning language and literacy. Young Children, 57, 26-30. Re- trieved from

Morrow, L. M. (1985). Retelling stories: a strategy for improving young children’s comprehension, concept of story structure, and oral language complexity. The Elementary School Journal, 85(5), 646.


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