Transportation Centers

Our transportation centers.png

Here is a look at our transportation centers this week! First we have our blue table where we are working on sorting by color and counting the number of cars in our parking lots. This has also been a good activity to practice early addition by asking questions like “there are 2 cars in this parking lot, how many more until the parking lot is full?”or “how many more cars can fit in this parking lot vs. this parking lot?”

As a side note: we decided to get balance discs instead of seats so that we can work on our balance while standing or sitting at this table!

Transporation Centers - 3.png

We are practicing writing, recognizing, and putting the letters in Robbie’s name in order at our green table. I printed off some road letters and added some little cars so we can drive along each letter!

Transporation Centers - 5.png

Our next center is our science center (my favorite) where we are trying to transport some little bugs to the target without touching them (in other words, we are catapulting them or blowing on them)! Our science center has built in mirrors, magnetic spots, and magnifying glasses so we can examine the little bugs in many different ways. In the storage areas on the science table, we also have test tubes, a scale and weights, and a microscope that are available at all times.

Transporation Centers - 6

Next, we have our block center. I used the road tape on some of blocks to make for added fun during our transportation unit. There is also STEM activity at the block center that has had Robbie building all sorts of ramps!

Lastly, we have our sensory bin. We have it filled with black beans, rocks, a little construction car, and little people. We have been covering and unearthing the little people, snapping them into their cars, and counting how many fit in each car, how many more we need in order to fill up the car, and parking each car into the correct parking lot. Of course, Robbie’s favorite part has been filling little containers up and dumping them out (oh well, at least he is learning about capacity).

Transporation Centers - 1 (1).png




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