How many students will you have?

We are looking to have between 4-6 children.

Do you follow the public school calendar?

Yes, Play Time Preschool will closely follow the Port Byron and Bettendorf calendar. During winter months, we will follow and implement public school weather closings and delays.

Do you offer after hours or full time care?

Playtime Preschool is a half day preschool service. We do not offer full time care or day care services.

Will you have any field trips?

There will be various optional theme related field trips throughout the year on non-preschool days. Fees associated with field trips (like tickets and such) will not be covered by the monthly fee.

What is your teaching philosophy?

I believe that children learn best when engaged in meaningful play. I carefully plan and organize the room so students have opportunities to explore art, science, math, literally, drama, and more during centers. For a glimpse at how we learn through play, please take a look at these posts:

Coffee Shop Dramatic Play Center

Ice Cream Parlor Dramatic Play Center

Our Reader’s Theater Reading Area

Light Table Play

What is your sick policy?

Children with a fever of 100 degrees or above may not attend school. Children must be fever free and have not vomited for at least 24 hours before returning to school. Contagious disease must be brought to our attention immediately. All families will be notified.

Do you provide a snack?

Yes, I will provide a healthy snack and drink each day. There is no additional fee for snack.

What happens if the teacher is sick?

Parents will receive a pro-rated tuition refund.

What are the fees and tuition?

A registration fee of $50 is due upon registration to hold you student’s spot and pay for beginning of the year supplies and curriculum. The tuition fee is $50 per month. All money goes directly toward buying supplies and curriculum.

Why should we bring our children to Playtime Preschool?

Families who choose Playtime are looking for an intimate classroom setting with low-student teacher ratios. They want to take a bigger role in their child’s education and learn techniques that they can take and use at home. Playtime families appreciate the tremendous level of planning that goes into each child’s learning experience. They will realize very quickly that registering their child is more than just singing him or her up for preschool. Registering at Playtime Preschool means that you have become a member of our tight-knit family.




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