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Train Station Dramatic Play


Welcome to the train station! We have been learning so much through our train station dramatic play center this month! We have been learning about the U.S., directions, writing our names and seat numbers, learning about money, and so much more! This has been center packed with lots of learning!

Here is a tour of our set up:



In our dress up area, I put a couple of backpacks to use as luggage on the train. We grabbed our bags, went over to our map, decided where we would like to go (talked about where we were in comparison), looked up some things to do in the chosen place using a library book, went and purchased our tickets, stuck our luggage through the x-ray machine, waited in the waiting area if we needed to, and boarded our train (sitting in the correct seat according to our ticket).

My favorite two books for looking at things to quickly do in each state were:


I also checked out some state books at placed them in the ticket booth for us to look at (they were part of the “exploring the states” series). Here is a closer look at our ticket counter:

Train Station Dramatic Play - 6

I made this cute train station sign with velcro numbers so we could practice identifying our numbers.


I also made another sign (see below) to use for older kids that helps them learn how to tell time. Simply, print, laminate the included arrow,  and stick a brad in it and the sign is ready to use!


Below are the tickets we used for our dramatic play.


I printed the tickets off, laminated, and attached some velcro to make them “rip-able”. I liked that we were able to practice writing our names and destinations on them! The train engineer loved coming around and ripping our tickets.

The banner, signs, tickets, and much more are all available to purchase on my TPT website. Here is a look at what is included in the bundle:

(1) Nine different role play name tags and a banner to hang above them that says “Train Station:


(2) Prop Labels


(3)  Signs


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(4) Seat numbers

(5) The 2 different train station signs shown above

(6) 4 different tickets that you can make rip-able

(7) The “Train Station Banner” (which will probably look better laminated–mine got a bit droopy as you can see in the picture)

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this dramatic play center click HERE. 



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