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Rainforest: Cocoa Tree

We are ending a week of learning about what lives in the rainforest understory this week and this day of cocoa tree learning was perfectly timed with finishing the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!” The kids had an absolute blast trying cocoa powder, writing in chocolate, learning how chocolate is made, going on a scavenger hunt for their “golden tickets”, and watching “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. FREE MATH SCAVENGER HUNT TEMPLATE BELOW!

Huge shout out to Experience Early Learning for this month’s curriculum which I have received in return for honest and authentic stories resulting from my daily experiences. I am excited and honored to share how we use this curriculum to meet the different learning needs in my home.

The first thing we did was learn about the Cocoa Tree and how various animals eat the cocoa fruit and then spread the bitter seeds throughout the jungle. After learning a bit, I took out some cocoa powder for them to try to see if they would be like the monkeys and spit it out or if they would enjoy it 😂. You can guess what they did!

Then we talked about how that powder is made into chocolate and practiced writing our words, letters, and numbers in some melted chocolate (mixed with coconut oil to make runnier).

Next, Experience Early Learning provided they materials to make these little “From Bean to Chocolate Books”.

The kids cut apart their pages and the pictures, we read the words and found the matching picture to glue/tape on the page and then stapled them together!

Experience Early Learning planned this fun cocoa fruit picking math activity:

Since my kiddos already know their numbers, I decided to differentiate it into a scavenger hunt! I taped my daughter’s clues onto the front and my son’s onto the backs of the cocoa fruits like this:

My daughter went in number order and found a CVC word to read to me in order to go “pick” her next clue. At the end, I put a Hershey’s bar wrapped in a golden ticket for our “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” movie night.

My oldest had some area and +9 fluency math work he needed to get done so his clues lead him to little sheets of math he had to complete before going to “pick” his next Cocoa fruit clue. Here is what his clues looked like:

You can get your FREE math scavenger hunt template here!


That was it for today! If you want to read more about what we have done during our unit click here. If you are interested in learning more about Experience Early Learning thematic units, click here.

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