Dramatic Play

Train Station Dramatic Play

Welcome to the train station! We have been learning so much through our train station dramatic play center this month! We have been learning about the U.S., directions, writing our names and seat numbers, learning about money, and so much more! This has been center packed with lots of learning! Here is a tour of… Continue reading Train Station Dramatic Play

Dramatic Play

Olaf’s Frozen Parlor: An Ice-cream Parlor Dramatic Play

What preschooler doesn't love dramatic play? Who doesn't love ice cream? There is nothing better than combining two well loved items together. The Herrmann house hold has had a blast creating their very own scrumptious ice cream creations in our first ever dramatic play center theme! We made chocolate, mint, orange, vanilla, and grape scented… Continue reading Olaf’s Frozen Parlor: An Ice-cream Parlor Dramatic Play