Virtual Tour

Welcome to our beautiful preschool classroom! The classroom is organized into various learning areas where I plan invitations to play. My desire is that this is a space where student feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone to try new things and test out their ideas. Now on to the tour!

If you were to walk into our classroom, this is the view you would have:

Classroom Tour - 18

Circle Time Area

If you were to walk into our preschool, this is the first area you would see. This little area is our “circle time” area. Each student has their own carpet square with the first initial of their name. We gather here 3 times each day:

  • The first thing students do when entering for the morning is “sign in”. We will progress from simple name recognition to practice writing the first letter of their name, to writing their full name.


  • Next, they complete their morning work that is laid out on their carpet square. Right now, we are working on matching lower and uppercase letters of Robbie’s name.
    • After everyone has settled in, we sing a Hello Song and work on their names again.
    • We will take a look at our calendar and snack chart and talk briefly about the day.

Classroom Tour - 16

  • Mid-Morning Circle Time
    • We take a break in the middle of our center time to go to the bathroom and wash our hands.
    • While we take kiddos to the restroom, we do some music, we dance, and we recite finger plays.
    • After everyone has used the restroom, we do a mini-lesson based on our theme.
  • Story Circle Time
    • Finally, at the end of the day, we meet for about 10-15 minutes to read a story and recap the day.


Our classroom space is dividing into various learning centers. Since I am a big believer in play as a way of learning and developing young children’s minds, the children are free to work at a center as long as they want (this builds up how long our students are able to stay focused on task). For this reason, I don’t make students move centers on a time schedule. I do not restrict the number of students at each station either. Learning how to negotiate space, supplies, and time with our friends is such an important learning skill that preschoolers need to learn. Here are some of the centers we have available:

  • Listening Center – The little set of red chairs, table, and bookshelf are the listening center. I change the books out on the bookshelf regularly to reflect what we are learning about in class. Books with CDs in them can be listened to using the stereo (and sometimes the headphones).

Reading Corner

  • Blue Circle Table – We set out invitations to play on a weekly basis. The example in this picture is a math center where students can drive their cars to the various parking spots according to their color. We chose to lower the table and use balance seats to stand or sit on instead of traditional seats.

Transporation Centers - 3

  • Block Center – We have wooden unit blocks, toy cars, people and more depending on the learning theme. This month, we used the road tape to make road blocks and added a STEM activity to encourage even more applied learning. I have several different types of blocks I rotate out. For example, during the winter holidays, I had Magna-Tiles and Jingle bells in the block center.


  • Sensory Table – We fill this table with a sensory material (like rice, beans, kinesthetic sand, instal-snow, etc.) each month. I try to add different tools or accessories each week to keep students engaged.

Classroom Tour - 15

  • Kidney Table – This moon-shaped table is another space we use as a learning center. Sometimes the learning center will involve math, fine motor, smaller sensory experiences, or a literacy activity.

Transporation Centers - 5

  • White Board – On the other side of the green table is a magnetic white board and it serves as its own learning center. For example, this month we are using some magnetic pattern blocks to make various vehicle shapes.
  • Light Table – This is a fun place for students to practice letters, work on sorting, patterns, shapes, art and more.


Home Living – Dramatic Play

This is (hands-down) our favorite area of the room. There is a car wash, a nursery, a fire station, a police station, and a kitchen area. It is currently set up as a train station.

Classroom Tour - 1

For 2 weeks of each month, we re-engage students by transforming the front of the kitchen area into something really special. Here are some examples:

Cookie Shop

Christmas Tree Farm

Coffee Shop

Click here to see some all of our different dramatic play areas.

Art Center:

Classroom Tour - 7

  • This is a place where students have access to paint and other materials to make their own creations. I try to add a new accessory each week to go along with our theme. This week I added various cars that students could paint and make tracks with.

Science Center:

Classroom Tour - 6


  • As a previous science teacher, this is my favorite part of the room! Our science table has built in magnetic spots and magnifying glasses so students can take little objects they collect around the room to scientifically investigate them. In the cubby holes of this table, students have access to a microscope, giant hand held magnifying glasses, a scale, and test tubes. The scientific question is changed out each week.

I hope our preschool classroom shows you how much I love students and value their creativity, curiosity, and imagination!

If you are local, we would like to invite you in for a tour. Please contact Meghan ( any time.